100 Reps for Momentum 💯

100 Reps for Momentum 💯

Yesterday I told you about the 10 rep rule - an ideal number of sessions to get a feel for any habit or lifestyle change. Once you’ve hit that first milestone and decide to stick with the practice, the next big milestone is 100 reps.

By the time you’ve done the thing 100 times there’s real momentum and it’s a strong habit. Through each rep you’re building confidence and the belief that this is who you are now. Write in your journal 100 times, meditate 100 times, go to 100 workouts, code for 100 days… each rep builds momentum.

There’s another aspect to the 100 rep milestone. If you’re a content creator, even an aspiring one, then 100 published pieces of content is a huge milestone. I guarantee you’ll be more confident and polished after 100 articles, videos, or podcasts.

One more benefit to the creator - you’ll build an audience of people interested and excited about what you’re creating. I hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube around my 100th published video. It’s a signal to others that you’re committed to the practice and believe in your ideas. The numbers don’t always align that perfectly but there’s an undeniable connection between consistency and growth.

My favorite example of this is popular YouTuber MKBHD. Marques said his first big YouTube milestone was creating 100 videos. At the time he had about 75 subscribers, which is not uncommon!

But what about now? As of this writing he has over 13 million subscribers 😳 So what happened in between? Read more in this post.