Starting a Daily Writing Habit

Starting a Daily Writing Habit

Today (January 31, 2021) I’m starting a new experiment.

Daily emails

That’s correct. 6 days a week, I’ll be sending you a short email with a compelling idea, resource, or prompt. Here’s what you can expect…

  • The message will take 2-3 minutes to read
  • I’ll have a takeaway or lesson to share

I’ll share my frameworks, thoughts, mental models, and productivity systems that have helped me grow my YouTube channel and business from scratch in 3 years. We’ll talk about the bullet journal, habits, goal-setting, and time management. Over the next week look for an email on each of these topics.

Why daily? Honestly I’ve wanted to run a daily email experiment for a long time. But daily publishing was (and still is) very intimidating to me. But I realized that I either needed to go all-in on daily or let the email newsletter take a step back. I needed to make daily writing a part of my habit routine. Here’s the habit loop I’m relying on this month…

Pre-cue: the night before, close all apps on my Mac except the writing app. Write the email topic on a note and stick to the Mac.

Cue: coming into the office, open the MacBook, writing app ready.

Routine: write for 30 minutes, no matter how many words that is.

Reward: high-five myself + the kind email responses.

The key here is to stop over-thinking the process and get to work. Writing is actually pretty easy, it’s getting over the mental block of “is this good enough” that’s difficult. It’s the same for making videos, exercising, eating healthy, or any other habit you want to implement. Start small, be consistent, build momentum and confidence.