Assemble Your Productivity Kit

Assemble Your Productivity Kit

you’ve learned about many of the most important productivity power-ups a person can possess. Let’s recap…

👀 Reviewing with WARP

✅ Previewing with GAP

⏰ Time Tracking Basics

🔎 Reviewing & Prioritizing Tasks

🥅 System vs Outcome Goals

🐿️ Fighting Distractions

As a productive person you’re probably aware of these “pillars of productivity” and their importance. You’ve read books, watched videos, taken courses, listened to podcasts - you’re well aware of the benefits. Telling you it’s a good idea to set goals, stick to them, manage time effectively, and build healthy habits is more of what you already know.

What’s not discussed as much is how to assemble and deploy your personal productivity kit. An understanding of these tools is one thing, but how to use them at the right time and in the right way is a skill that takes intention and experience.

Different goals, challenges, and situations in life require different power-ups, different tools from your productivity kit. If you’re starting a new job it’s unlikely that you need to track your time or set goals. It is very likely that you need to preview and review the week, stay focused, and take good notes.

Knowing what productivity power-ups you need to deploy given the situation is a power-up in itself. Your ability to understand the moment and how to best face the challenge is key to long-term success and fulfillment. Because let’s be honest - it’s exhausting to do all the productivity things every day… and the good news is you don’t have to!

Every few months I take a group of people through the process of understanding and assembling their own productivity kit. If that would be helpful to you, get a headstart with the 3 Keys to Productivity and I’ll let you know more as the next group comes together.