The Podcaster's Guide to Growing an Email List

Hey friends, let's chat about something super close to my heart (and work)—growing your podcast through the mighty power of an email list. If you've got a mic and a message, and you're ready to gather a crowd of super fans, buckle up.

The Basics: Make That Email List Sing

Think of your email list like the catchy hook of your favorite song—it's gotta be there, loud and clear, every time. Don't tuck it away at the end of your show; make it part of the main act. Give it a shoutout at the start, drop hints mid-way, and wrap up with a reminder. A little nudge, like a quick "Hey, join the newsletter at yourlink [dot] com," can go a long way.

When it comes to your episode notes, your email sign-up should be front and center, like "Here I am, can't miss it!" Make it catchy, make it easy—something listeners can type out without even trying. Here's how the million subscriber man himself, James Clear, makes everything about his email list.

Create a No-Noise Landing Page

Alright, here's a golden nugget: set up a VIP lounge for your email list on the web.

  • Don't make fans dig for it.
  • Don't lump it with a million other links.
  • Do point them straight to a spot that's all about getting on your list.

Need an example? See how Tim Ferriss makes the email list the focus of his site.

Tempt Them with a Killer Lead Magnet

Think of your lead magnet as the free sample at the grocery store—it's gotta be good. Keep it simple, make it irresistible. Depending on your show's vibe, you could offer:

  • "The 10 Best Insights from Epic Chats" for interview-style podcasts.
  • "Your 'Get It Done' Checklist" for theme-based podcasts.
  • "The Must-Hear Episodes" if you're all about opinions and discussions.

Spread the Word Far and Wide

Don't just stick to one platform:

  • Chop up audio clips for social media.
  • Turn on the video! The show is YouTube gold.
  • Convert your spoken words into written ones for social posts.

But remember, all roads should lead back to your list!

Deepen That Email Relationship

Mix it up in your newsletters. Give 'em sneak peeks, personal stories, or the inside scoop on your podcast journey. It's about making those connections personal and deep.

Dazzle with Subscriber-Only Goodies

Want to give your fans a reason to stay? Hook them up with content that's just for subscribers. It's a bit more work, but man, is it worth it.

Welcome Them Like Old Friends

When someone new joins your list, roll out the red carpet. Give them the lowdown on your podcast, introduce yourself, and get them involved. It's about building a community, not just a listener base.

Here's a simple welcome automation you can build in ConvertKit.

Show Up Like Clockwork: Weekly Emails

Hit up your subscribers with regular updates. It could be as simple as the latest episode drop, but the key? Be consistent.

Smart Monetization Moves

Your email list is your ticket to monetization without the awkward "buy my stuff" pitch on your podcast. Premium content, memberships, or special peeks behind the curtain—it all starts with a solid list and targeted email campaigns.

Here to Lend a Hand

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of growing your list? I've got you. My team and I are all about turning your episodes into email magic and building a fanbase that's fired up and ready to listen.

If you're ready to level up your podcast and create an email list that packs a punch, email me at Let's team up and make those podcasting dreams happen! 🚀