You're (probably) not a "Writer"

Here's my newsletter hot take 🔥

Most newsletters are too serious about the quality of writing.

There is a difference between being a big W "Writer" and a little w "writer." Simply put, unless the newsletter is THE THING you do, lower the bar for how good you believe the writing needs to be.

Most newsletters are complimentary to what you’re doing, not the whole point. My newsletter, for example, complimented my YouTube channel and podcast. Now, it supplements the agency/service work I do with creators.

The writing is good and aligned with both my reader’s goals and my own business. But I’m not stressing about getting the content from a B grade up to A+ every week.

If I did, I wouldn’t send a newsletter as often as I do.

I am writing — I am not a Writer.

But too many people think they need to measure up to their favorite newsletter writers like Sahil Bloom, Justin Welsh, or my recent faves, Chenell Basilio and Cole Schafer.

Most newsletters only need to be personal and helpful, while aligned with reader and business goals.

If you have a podcast, YouTube channel, agency, service business, or anything else that isn’t writing a weekly long-form newsletter — lower your expectations.

You only need to know two things to write a newsletter:

  1. Who you’re helping
  2. What you’re helping them with

Everything past that is iterative improvement. So get over your perfectionism and start writing today.

See you next week and every day on Twitter and LinkedIn!


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